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Interdisciplinary Cooperation in Psychosocial Interventions

The Educational Toolbox Platform of the InterAct Erasmus+ programme
contains original material categorised into the following categories

Global Migration

– Introduction
– Brief History of Migration
– Cultural Sensitivity
– Migration and Work
– Human Rights and Ethics

Psychosocial Interventions

– Introduction
– Psychosocial support
– Conceptual foundations
– Ethics in work
– Body and trauma

Trajectories of people

– Introduction
– Do you want to join?
– Lifelong trajectory
– Voice of Ousman & Leila
– Petrol stations

Working with refugees

– Introduction
– Social justice
– Secondary Trauma
– Youth resilience
– Community approach

Field work

– Introduction
– Stakeholder work
– Creative approaches
– Social entrepreneurship
– Pedagogical offers

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