1st Learning – Teaching Event, Berlin, 6-10/5/2019

Interdisciplinary Cooperation in Psychosocial Interventions

With a guided tour through Berlin led by refugees serving as the highlight, the 1st Learning – Teaching Event of InterAct programme took place between May 6th – 10th 2019 at the IB University of Applied Health and Social Sciences campus in Berlin. The event is part of the Erasmus+ funded project “InterAct – Interdisciplinary Cooperation in Psychosocial Interventions”.

Students, teachers, refugees and experts from Germany, Greece, Catalonia, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands thoroughly examined success factors of interdisciplinary cooperation in psychosocial interventions for refugees, by combining teaching and training models, experiences from practice and corresponding research evidence.

Its agenda ran through a series of sessions and workshops which aimed to provide evidence and good practice for actors in higher education, practice and policy making and support all actors in promoting innovation in relation to education, training and care delivery systems.

Each individual contributed to making the week a special experience for everyone, including a barbecue dinner that gave the opportunity to get to know each other.

Below is the schedule and the poster of the 1st Learning – Teaching Event, followed by presentations of participants:


Day 1, Monday, 06/05/2019

Day 2, Tuesday, 07/05/2019

Day 3, Wednesday, 08/05/2019

Day 4, Thursday, 09/05/2019

Day 5, Friday, 10/05/2019

Photovoice Reflection

Guided tour through Berlin by Querstadtein, a non-profit offering formerly homeless people the opportunity to become tour guides and report about life without a roof over their heads. They present the public spaces and locations where they once lived. New Berliners and new Dresdeners who have fled Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq share their perspectives on their new hometowns. Find them also on their social media accounts, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Attending session
Nadine Blankvoort giving her lecture
Group photo
Attending lecture
Dr Salvador Salgado giving his lecture
Barbecue Party at Breakout Cafe, a social non-profit café for career development, located in Kreuzberg. 
Breakout cafe is operated by a non-profit association. Children and adolescents with a migration background and / or disadvantaged children and adolescents can meet in the Breakout, do their homework alone or supervised and, after consultation, regularly receive intensive free help with learning deficits. 
A self-administered girl’s room, a leisure room for group offers, board games, table tennis and table football as well as a climbing wall are available for leisure activities.  Currently closed due to coronavirus, but accepting donations.
Follow Breakout Cafe on Instagram and on Facebook.
Closing session
Panel discussion on Day 3
A selfie for University of Vic students
Learning Teaching Event in Berlin has reached its end! Ta daahhhh!!!